Our Leaders

Pete James

Pete James, Co-Founder Director

Pete left his fifteen-year position as Chief Engineer Electronics at Prodrive Engineering Ltd. in 2011 and founded Lyra believing Power Electronics would play a significant part in the future of mobility. Pete chairs the Automotive and Road Transport System Technical Professional Network for IET and consults on the infrastructure surrounding automotive electrification.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans, Co-Founder

Mike has worked closely with Pete for many years both at Lyra and previously. With a gift for excellence in micro-controller system design and layout, Mike's skills complement Pete's and form the innovative and forward-thinking heart of Lyra.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor, Chief Operating Officer

Matt has over twenty years' engineering leadership and management experience in both automotive consultancies and a large OEM. In 2015 he joined a Massachusetts technology start-up and successfully incorporated and grew a twenty-five head UK subsidiary while being responsible for Software, Systems and Controls both in the UK and US. He joined Lyra to drive commercial growth without diluting the spirit of the company.

Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith, Engineering Manager

An exceptionally well-organised engineering leader, Malc brings over twenty years of engineering leadership across a wide range of functions and businesses to Lyra. He brings an unfailing focus on delivery to Lyra and enables the rapid growth that the business is seeing.

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